Pallas Cat

                                 (Otocolobus manul)


Pallas Cats are About the size of a large domestic cat, the pallas is covered with long course fur, grey in base colour with an overall 'frosted' appearance. The legs are short and stumpy compared to the overall body size - the small broad head has high set eyes, which uncommonly contract to small circles rather than slits as in other small wild cats, and low set hair covered ears. The head is covered by a stripped facial ruff and they have long whiskers and a white chin. The tail of the pallas cat is tipped with black and has darker rings toward the end, similar dark markings can also be faintly seen across the side of its back.

The range of the palas cat extends from Iran through southern Asia to parts of western China. Its habitat varies from rocky desert through steppes to barren mountainous regions up to about 15,000 feet and the extremes in temperature in all these areas is combated by the palas cats dense fur. During the day they use caves, burrows and rock fissures to sleep and becomes more active toward dusk. The palas cat is a lone, nocturnal hunter and preys predominately on rodents and small mammals.

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