EarthZoo Quiz

Welcome to the First EarthZoo Quiz, see how many you can get right...

Write the answers down and then when you have finished them all you can check your answers at the bottom of this page... but HEY! no cheating! (just so you dont see them by "mistake" the answers are not in the same order as the questions but ARE numbered the same... Here we Go...



  1. What is the fasted land animal?
  2. What is the tallest land animal?
  3. Which continent do tigers come from?
  4. What is a group of Lions called?
  5. Where do Lemurs come from?
  6. What is a Baby Kangeroo called?
  7. Where does a Scorion Sting from?
  8. What is the largest bird that cannot fly?
  9. What are Elephants Tusks Made from?
  10. What Animal is Brian feeding in the Picture?
  11. What type of animal is a Kiwi?
  12. How many legs does a spider have?
  13. What is the long hair on a male lions neck called?
  14. What food do Bees produce?
  15. What do Camels store in their humps?
  16. What family of animals do Zebras belong to?
  17. What Bird is the symbol for peace?
  18. What are a reindeers "horns" called?                                                         (Question #10 picture)
  19. What Bird was Harry Potters Messenger?
  20. What animals home is called a dam?


Well, did you answer all the questions? then it's time to go and check how many you got right. The answers are below but remember that they aren't in the same order but the question numbers are the same as the quiz....Good Luck











8..Ostrich 6..Joey  2..Giraffe 4..A Pride 1..Cheetah 9..Ivory 15..Fat 20..Beaver 12..Eight 3..Asia 17..Dove 11..Bird 5..Madagascar 13..A Mane 7..Its Tail 10..An Aardvark 14..Honey 18..Antlers 16..Horse 19.. Snowy Owl (Hedwig)



Youngsters Like Chastity Runge-Badger from Staples, Minnesota, USA are the key to the worlds future. their passion and love for the world of nature is the only way so many species will survive.
At the Cheetah Conservation Fund Every Animal gets help and attention when it needs it.
The Simple majesty of a Cheetah makes me breathless as the perfect design works like dream.If you love cats I think you'll be amazed at this magical film

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