The Next Generation of Conservationists are on their way!!!

(25. februar 2013 20:48)
Chastity who is 12 and attends Staple-Motley Secondary School in Minnesota, USA could be the model for future conservationists, her love for animals and the desire to help them is honourable.
In a very recent interview with Earthzoo her answers were refreshing and her ideas inspiring...
Earthzoo... what is your favourite animal?
Chastity..... " I love all of them I don't have just one favorite" " Most people have one favorite animal but how can you choose one when there are so many"
Earthzoo... What would you like to see on the website?
Chastity... "I would like too see on the website more educatoinal things about the animals and to also see how too treat animals when they are injured."
Just two of the answers but what a refreshing change to the norm.
We salute you chastity and we will do all we can to help and support you on your journey into the future with your dream of helping the animal kingdom and it's environment.
Too often Young people Like Chastity are overlooked, ignored or not encouraged but without them we are doomed to failure. The world of Conservation is like a relay race, people like us here at Earthzoo are running as hard as we can but there will come a time when our legs or minds wont take us any further and we will have to hand over the batton of survival over to the Next Generation and thats you Chastity Runge-Badger, you. So get ready, study hard, work hard and get ready for that Batton and when you get it then Run Like The Wind
Youngsters Like Chastity Runge-Badger from Staples, Minnesota, USA are the key to the worlds future. their passion and love for the world of nature is the only way so many species will survive.
At the Cheetah Conservation Fund Every Animal gets help and attention when it needs it.
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