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A new and exciting site designed and run by real Conservationists working on real projects, dealing with real animals, real habitats and real communities.
Looking at all aspects of the animal kingdom both in captivity and in the wild. Providing educational information on selected species.

We are professional animal keepers working with real collections and participating in official breeding programs and in no way involved in the buying and selling of animals.
Earthzoo is run on a voluntary basis and no salaries or rewards are taken from any funds raised.


Sales. contributions, donations and gifts are used to support our conservation and education projects and only form a small part of the funding needed. Additional needed funds are provided by the individuals involved in the undertaking of the projects.

Youngsters Like Chastity Runge-Badger from Staples, Minnesota, USA are the key to the worlds future. their passion and love for the world of nature is the only way so many species will survive.
At the Cheetah Conservation Fund Every Animal gets help and attention when it needs it.
The Simple majesty of a Cheetah makes me breathless as the perfect design works like dream.If you love cats I think you'll be amazed at this magical film

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