Welcome to the all new KidZ@EZ and area of the site dedicated to the next generation of conservationists, Veterinarians, Zoo Keepers and Animal Carers in fact anyone that wants to grow up with a love of animals and nature.

At EarthZoo we have spoken to and visited classrooms around the world helping the younger generation understand the struggles and problems animals and their habitat face and more importantly how they can help.

In this area of the site we plan to publish quizzes, animal facts, news and pictures. We hope you enjoy it, please let us know.


Follow the links from the KidZ@EZ tab at the top of the page to visit each area of this section, have fun, learn lots and help us keep the animals wild and free.


We are very Busy here at EarthZoo, we are currently working in Africa... So if you ask for something or make a comment in the guestbook it may take a while to action, please be patient, we'll do our best.

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Special thanks to Chastity Runge-Badger from Staples, Minnesota, USA  for your ideas


Youngsters Like Chastity Runge-Badger from Staples, Minnesota, USA are the key to the worlds future. their passion and love for the world of nature is the only way so many species will survive.
At the Cheetah Conservation Fund Every Animal gets help and attention when it needs it.
The Simple majesty of a Cheetah makes me breathless as the perfect design works like dream.If you love cats I think you'll be amazed at this magical film

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