What do we do

We are involved in conservation projects relating to all endangered species along with supporting conservation and protection programs for environmental, habitat and threatened species of animal.


With the constant threats to our environment and the creatures we share the world with conservation has never been more important. At Earthzoo our constant priority is to bring awareness both at home and abroad of the increasing threat to both native and non-native species.


We support Charities and organisations throughout the world in many ways including:


  • promotion
  • consultancy
  • work in the field
  • practical support
  • Animal movement


Although the list goes on the challenges are ever changing and we endeavour to change and adapt to meet the needs and challenges to optimise our effectiveness.

Youngsters Like Chastity Runge-Badger from Staples, Minnesota, USA are the key to the worlds future. their passion and love for the world of nature is the only way so many species will survive.
At the Cheetah Conservation Fund Every Animal gets help and attention when it needs it.
The Simple majesty of a Cheetah makes me breathless as the perfect design works like dream.If you love cats I think you'll be amazed at this magical film

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